MIH’s vision.


n MIH’s vision, the Malagasy citizen, positions her/himself as an actor of constructive change responsible of the development of her/his country through constructive initiatives and actions which will impact the immediate environment.
The approach of Motivation process initiated thus allows each Malagasy individual to reach and achieve a certain level of self realization pushing to more empowerment and responsibility. At this stage, Malagasy women, men and young people, allow themselves to the simplest, yet also hardest action to achieve: “Be able to see far and to see wide. And be convinced of this driving vision that everything actually is possible.” This conviction actually dictates all thoughts, actions and projects focused on construction.
In this purpose, MIH wishes to stand as a pioneer growth lever of this kind of approach and intervention, and as a reference as the years go by.
Approaches forwarded by MIH and similar entities, contribute to the belief than once the goal is structured, and once the wish is expressed, the machine of realization and achievement is on its way.
MIH believes in a Madagascar where the citizens conscious of their fingerprint, bring their contribution to the construction of a sustainable democratic and socio-economical development.
This is the reason why the main message that MIH vehicles in all of its intervention is: Make It Happen!